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Jamila & The Other Heroes are the new, wild and lively band based in Berlin that have come together to create a raw, energetic and funkadelic music that makes you fly.

Leading the band is the vibrant Jamila Al-Yousef. Born in Berlin on the day the wall came down, and raised by her influential Palestinian refugee father, Jamila’s cultural activism and strong will to positively change the world is drawn deep into her artistic expression. In their songwriting JAMILA & THE OTHER HEROES merge Neo-Soul, Funk, Rock and Arab Folklore, highlighting the musicians’ diverse cultural influences from the Middle East, Latin America and East Europe. Their Debut EP „CHANGE“ was released in 2017 and invites everyone who yearn to discover their inner heroes to make the world a greater place. 

Guitar / Leon ‘Romal Bingo’ Hast

Bass / Bilal ‘Space Yogi’ Hammour

Vocals / Jamila ‘Desert Queen’ Al-Yousef

Percussion / Salam ‘Super Refugee’ Al Hassan

Drums / Kuba ‘Power Canon’ Gudz


Hali hali hal

6th January 2017 / Live at Artistania, Berlin


6th January 2017 / Live at Artistania, Berlin

Loud & proud

6th January 2017 / Live at Artistania, Berlin

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09/10/18  HANNOVER, Pavillon (Supporting BUKAHARA)

10/10/18    HAMBURG, Übel & Gefährlich (Supporting BUKAHARA)

11/10/18    BREMEN, Schlachthof (Supporting BUKAHARA)

12/10/18   MÜNSTER, Skaters Palace (Supporting BUKAHARA)

06/11/18   BERLIN, Haus der Poesie (Wir machen das Jetzt e.V.)


01/09/18    BERLIN, YAAM Spreeviera Festival09/06/18    LEIPZIG, Messe Parteitag DIE LINKE

25/08/18    BERLIN, Kater Blau Club - Birthday Party

16/08/18    BERLIN, Hermannplatz Fujiama Live Music Stage

05/08/18  BERLIN, Funkhaus Berlin DETECT CLASSIC FESTIVAL 

08/06/18    GÖTTINGEN, Apex

02/06/18    BERLIN, Maxim-Gorki-Theater 

01/05/18    BERLIN, Myfest Kreuzberg (Import-Export-Stage)

28/04/18    BERLIN, Radio1 Party, Kalkscheune

25/02/18    BERLIN, Artistania

25/11/17     BERLIN, Radialsystem V, Zuhören Festival

11/11/17      LÄRZ, 3000° Party

14/10/17     HAMBURG, Kampnagel Still Alive - Diasporic Sounds 

09/09/17    BERLIN, Hermannplatz, die LINKE

07/09/17    TUNIS, Chouftouhonna Festival Tunesien

03/09/17    BERLIN East Side Music Days

12/08/17     3000° Festival (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern)

11/08/17     Fuchsbau Festival (Niedersachsen)

23/06/17    BERLIN Mensch Meier (Arab* Wunderground)

14/06/17     HANNOVER Schauspiel Hannover (Theaterformen Festival)

11/06/17     Hedonistenkongress (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern)

10/06/17     GÖTTINGEN Apex (Kulturnacht)

02/06/17    BERLIN Neue Nachbarn (Record Release Party)